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Denphone Digest :: December 2009 :: Volume 1, Number 9

Posted: 2009-12-15 3:06 pm by Denphone Admin.

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: Denphone Digest :: December 2009 :: Volume 1, Number 9 :

December Issue

Season's Greetings from DenphoneSeasons Greetings from the team at Denphone.

The year is rapidly drawing to a close as we finish off a number of interesting projects and start to gear up for the new year. This year we released a hosted fax solution which allows significant cost savings by eliminating the need for paper and printing – emails with attachments are converted to fax on the outbound side and faxes to email on the inbound. We also upgraded the capacity of our voice blast service tailor-made for investment house analysts who need to reach large numbers of their clients simply and easily with voice messages. We support Emergency messaging on the same platform. Finally, this month we successfully completed the upgrade of our Tokyo data center infrastructure.

In this issue we have an interview with Lookmedia Japan's Managing Director Mark Long where he talks about cutting edge advertising strategies in Japan. We also look at the newly released Polycom SoundPoint IP 321, 331 and 335 office phones and check out some of what is hot on the internet.

As ever, if you would like to see something featured in Denphone Digest, feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

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In this issue:

Presidents Corner

We have had a hectic time over the past two months upgrading our voice infrastructure, more than tripling our capacity. We can now offer high throughput IP phone trunking (SIP and IAX2) for clients who need dozens, or even hundreds of channels. Combined with our expanding capabilities including fax services, call forwarding, voice blast, Osaka and (from January) Yokohama phone service, we can offer our clients a comprehensive set of office telecom services.

Finally, from everyone here at Denphone, we wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Huw R. Williams


Denphone K.K.

Denphone News: Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference Tokyo Phone Winners

Denphone exhibited at this years Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference Tokyo, held November 12th and 13th at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. This was Denphone's first time to exhibit at a tradeshow and marks a small but important step in the growth of the company.

The Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference Tokyo is Japan's leading tradeshow for Call Center and CRM solutions with vendors exhibiting a wide range of hardware, software and services for the call center and customer center industries. Denphone focused the booth on their SIP and IAX2 trunking solutions, as well as managed voice services. It was a good chance for prospective clients to find out how telephony related technology is moving forward and what new solutions there are now available to both reduce expenditure and increase employee effectiveness.

The Denphone Team
Pictured left to right the Denphone Team: Denphone Director Hidehiko Hiwada, President Huw Williams, and System Engineer Simon Gibson.

Denphone is also proud to congratulate the winners of the Office IP Phone draw held following the trade show. The lucky winners will be contacted soon by email (for privacy reasons we wont announce their names here):

  • First Prize - Polycom SoundPoint IP 320 office phone
  • Second Prize - snom 300 IP Phone

Denphone would like to thank KVH (especially Daisuke Goh), Digium and Lookmedia for their hard work and co-operation that made Denphone's first trade show possible.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, It's Lookmedia!

The interview with Lookmedia's Mark Long can be found here: It's a bird! It's a plane! No, It's Lookmedia!.

Featured products: Polycom SoundPoint IP 321/331 and SoundPoint IP 335 Entry level IP Phones

Our look at the new Polycom 321, 331 and 335 models can be found here:Featured products: Polycom SoundPoint IP 321/331 and SoundPoint IP 335 Entry level IP Phones.

Around the Internet

5 Important Tips for Successful Web Meetings

As companies looked to cut costs in the post Lehman age, one of the simplest solutions was to increase the number of virtual meetings reducing the need for costly travel and expenses such as hotel rooms. While sometimes lacking the personal touch that face to face (IRL) meetings obviously offer, virtual meetings, whether they are teleconferences, video conferences or telepresence meetings are a large part of the working lives of people in the corporate world. To run a successful meeting IRL can be tricky, but in the virtual world even more so. Fuze Box's Patrick Moran details five tips for making such meetings a success.

5 Important Tips for Successful Web Meetings

November 24th, 2009 | by Patrick Moran

Companies of all sizes and in all sectors regularly use virtual meetings to connect with colleagues, partners, clients, and prospective customers. In fact, some 87% of companies worldwide already use web conferencing or are considering implementing it soon. However, getting virtual meetings right takes a bit of skill. They differ from in-person get-togethers in many critical ways - and to succeed with web-based collaboration, meeting leaders and participants should follow a few simple tips.

There are of course many things that make for successful meetings, and his tips work as much for meetings in real life as for the virtual sphere. I would add though that effective followup that leads to the timely execution of decisions made in the meeting is another important point to add to his list.

You can read the original article on the Mashable website here:5 Important Tips for Successful Web Meetings.

5 open source VoIP softphones to watch

Australia's has an informative article introducing 5 open source softphones. A softphone is a piece of software that acts as a normal phone, allowing users to make calls from their PC's. Usually used with a headset, this is an inexpensive way to replace desk phones, or to provide telephony services to mobile workers. The DenphonePBX system works with a wide range of softphones including those featured in the CIO article. We also use and recommend 2 softphones not mentioned in the article Zoiper ( and Twinkle ( Zoiper is not open source, but Twinkle is, and it is both powerful and yet easy to use. Most of these softphones offer a large number of useful features such as instant messaging and presence.

5 open source VoIP softphones to watch

20 November 2009 | by Rodney Gedda

The steady rise in people using IP telephony to communicate -- for personal and business reasons -- has led to the development of a number of different VoIP “softphones” that can be used on a PC or notebook.

Softphones offer the flexibility of making a call without the need for a dedicated device. If you're a Skype user you're probably used to the benefits of free and cheap international calls while you’re on Facebook.

In this edition of "5 Open Source things to Watch" we take a look at VoIP softphones. Unlike their proprietary counterparts, open source softphones can be deployed on as many devices as required throughout the enterprise.

The article goes on to look at the following softphones:, SIP Communicator, SFLphone, Empathy, and Ekiga. We would note that despite the article saying that these softphones do not require licenses, most PBX vendors have licensing requirements for connecting softphones to an office phone system and/or the PSTN.

Click on the following link to read the rest of the article: 5 open source VoIP softphones to watch.

VoIP Sales Top $20 Billion in First Half, More Growth to Come

At Denphone, one of the more specialized services we offer is that of SIP / IAX2 trunking. SIP trunking allows multiple channels of SIP traffic to be terminated onto the Japanese PSTN. Our largest client uses 200 channels of SIP trunking through our purpose built systems. And judging by the growth we have seen in this area, the following news item is not far off the mark.

VoIP Sales Top $20 Billion in First Half, More Growth to Come

Maybe there is something to this idea that, in a recession, Voice over IP service is an affordable alternative to traditional telephone service.

In the first half of 2009, VoIP services brought in nearly $21 billion in revenue, with both residential and business services looking healthy and poised for even more growth for the second half of the year, according to a report by market research firm Infonetics Research.

Residential voice services still brings in the majority of revenue, with the number of subscribers growing 14 percent from the end of 2008 through the first half of ‘09. On the business side, the research firm said it expected IP Centrex and hosted unified communications service revenue to grow 26 percent year-over-year.

But the current sweet spot, at least in North America, is small businesses with fewer than 100 employees. In the first half of the year, roughly two-thirds of all IP Centrex seats sold went to small businesses.

Click on the following link to read the rest of the article: VoIP Sales Top $20 Billion in First Half, More Growth to Come.

Just in case you are curious as to where our cute Santa came from you can find him here.

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