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Denphone is proud to supply snom phones to the Japanese marketBringing all the best of German engineering and design to the world of VoIP telephony, Berlin based VoIP telephone manufacturer snom technology AG offers some of the more robust and stylish phones on the market.

snom (yes - their name isn't capitalized) phones are targeted toward small and medium sized businesses as well as home offices, Internet Service Providers, carriers and OEM customers.

Unlike many local Japanese phone manufacturers who produce proprietary phones that only run on their own systems, snom phones are compatible with a wide range of SIP based telephone systems including open source platforms such as Asterisk, which makes them an ideal choice of phone when rolling out a low cost VoIP solution.

All of snom's software exists in the firmware on its phones, and its Linux-based VoIP telephones support all common standards, as well as the latest technology platforms including STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs), NAT (Network Address Translation) and ENUM (telephone number mapping). This allows for easy upgrade paths, reduces maintenance costs and protects your investment.

snom's phones offer a high level of security with their features being based on the two VoIP security standards sips (RFC2246) and SRTP (RFC3711).

Denphone is proud to supply snom phones to the Japanese marketAll 300 series snom phones feature a mini browser, which enables users and developers to create web-driven, screen-based telephone applications. We recommend the snom 360 IP phone and above for this. Please contact us to discuss your requirements as we can implement a wide range of applications depending on your needs.

snom have won the following awards:

  • TMC Labs 2003 Innovation Awards
  • Internet Telephony 2006 Excellence Award
  • Internet Telephony’s 2006 Top 100 Voices in IP Communication- Dr. Christian Stredicke (snom Executive Director)
  • The Pulver 100 List - Top 100 Businesses to Watch in 2007

At Denphone we have a webshop where you can easily and safely buy new snom products. These are shipped from Tokyo and can be sent anywhere within Japan. Both English and Japanese are available at our webshop. The webshop is located here: Denphone Webshop.

Here is a brief list of popular snom telephony products available from our webshop:

snom VoIP Phones

snom 300 IP Phone
snom 320 IP Phone
snom 360 IP Phone
snom 370 IP Phone

snom VoIP Phones 5 Phone Packs

snom 300 IP Phone 5 Phone Packs
snom 320 IP Phone 5 Phone Packs
snom 360 IP Phone 5 Phone Packs

snom Accessories

snom 360 Expansion Module

snom also offer the snom m3 wireless DECT phone. At this point, the m3 is not licensed for use in Japan although that is a possibility we are considering.

Other snom products are available on request. Please feel free to contact us via our contact page if you have any questions regarding snom products and their availability here in Japan. We will answer your questions as soon as we can.



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