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Denphone provides a Cloud PBX service (SaaS). All of your IP-Phones are registered and controlled by our software PBX systems in our dedicated data centres around Japan. This allows us to perform MAC (Move, Add, Change) operations quickly and inexpensively. Our highly stable and flexible Cloud PBX service offers from SOHO level to large enterprise level phone systems from a centrally hosted IP-PBX server. Our largest single platform deployment is over 1500 phones, so scalability is not a problem. Our Cloud PBX solutions are also ideal for remote office integration.

Your office will be directly connected to our data-center via VPN (Virtual Private Network) over the NTT “Flet's Hikari Next ipv6” service. Voice Traffic does not traverse the public Internet. Traffic between your office and our data center is encrypted by the VPN for extra safety. Our Cloud PBX service can provide support for multiple phone numbers in 03-Tokyo or, 06-Osaka style. The Japanese telecom regulator introduced new regulations regarding so-called 0ABJ numbers (local geographical style phone numbers), and we can provide these numbers to Clients through our service in many major Japanese cities while complying with the new regulations.

Our reasonable phone rates apply on domestic and international calls. We support both rental phones and client owned phones on our platform, though we only provide hardware support and warrantee for rental phones or phones that we have sold.


Cloud PBX Rental Plan

Example of 5 rental phones cloud service

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Monthly Cost

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Tel: +81-3-4550-1405 (Tokyo)

Tel: +81-6-4560-3200 (Osaka)

Fax: +81-3-6234-9666

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