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Asterisk Voice Prompts

Denphone and Asterisk | Making the world expandDenphone provides Japanese voice prompts for the Asterisk™ PBX.

We can provide GSM format prompts for free (regrettably, re-distribution is prohibited by the recording company, but we can distribute it for you upon your request).

We also sell the same prompts in a high quality format (uLaw). Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we often get asked. VoIP and telephony solutions are our speciality, but many people are new to the concepts involved so we hope that this page will help give you a better understanding of what we do. Read more.

Yamaha Router Information

Getting started with Yamaha Routers - Yamaha routers are not that well known outside of Japan, and if you were asked to support one and didn't speak Japanese, it is almost impossible to find documentation in English. So breifly, here is something to get you started. Commands used here were tested on a Yamaha RTX 1000 router, but should be applicable to the following models: RTX3000, RTX2000, RTX1500, RTX1200, RTX1100, RTX1000, RT105i, RT105e, RT300i, RT250i, RT107e, and SRT100.

Yamaha routers are in many ways quite similar to Cisco routers with many of the same concepts applying. The command line interface is a little bit easier to use. For a quick guide to some of the settings used on Yamaha routers click here:

Also, here is a review of the Yamaha RTX 1200 Gigabit Access VPN Router:

Denphone's Guide to IVR Systems

Denphone provides managed and purchased IVR systems in English, Japanese and other languages.

Here is an introduction we put together about IVR systems: Denphone's Guide to IVR Systems.

Denphone Case Studies Archive

Case Studies detailing example projects that Denphone has completed for our clients. Here we detail some of the solutions we have provided. In the IT world there are a vast range of problems and at times a seemingly unmanageable range of solutions. Here are some of the problems we have solved and solutions we have implemented for our clients. Read more.

Information for Bloggers and the Press

Information about using articles from this site as well as logo for both print and screen that you can use when writing about Denphone. Read more.

10 Interesting and Useful Japan Phone and Telecommunications Articles from Wikipedia

10 interesting and useful Japan phone and telecommunications articles from Wikipedia - including information about Japanese mobile phone culture, PHS (personal handy systems) and a lot more. Click here to read more: 10 Interesting and Useful Japan Phone and Telecommunications Articles from Wikipedia.



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