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Posted: 2009-02-04 3:03 pm by Denphone Admin.

Denphone takes a three pronged approach to support - Remote Monitoring, Remote Access, On-site and Client Driven Support.

Remote Monitoring

Remote administration mitigates against the cost of on-site staff while allowing peak work periods to be covered. Remote Monitoring is the monitoring of IT systems over the internet or an intranet and is an automated process that allows Denphone support staff to be notified of any changes to a PBX or a server set up (for example a linux file server) of problems by email through both office email and mobile email. This ensures peace of mind.

Our recommended approach to Remote Monitoring is through the use of the Nagios Remote Monitoring Suite. Nagios is an industry standard in enterprise-class monitoring. This open source package of tools allows for 24/7 monitoring of varying aspects of a system's performance - including checks on PBX system functionality, disk and memory usage, as well as environmental changes such as unexpected temperature change. Nagios also enables effective long term system planning as factors such as usage trends can be reliably measured. We operate a central Nagios server in our data centre and continuously monitor client sites for problems or unusual events.

Nagios Host Overview Gives Detailed Information about System Performance and Usage
Denphone - Nagios Tactical Overview
Nagios Tactical Overview

In the case of a Nagios alarm being triggered, Denphone support staff resolve the matter in accordance with the pre-existing support contract. Normally this will be done remotely. Response measures utilize industry best practices and where possible are carried out in ways least likely to disrupt normal business operations.

We operate a central Nagios server in our data center in Tokyo and continuously monitor client sites for problems or unusual events.

Remote Access

Denphone utilizes secure shell remote access in order to be able to work on client equipment without the need for costly site visits. In the event of being notified of a problem – either by the remote monitoring system, or by an end user or their representative – a Denphone engineer logs in to the client system via an encrypted connection. This encrypted connection allows us to work quickly while preserving the security of the client site.

Denphone Remote PBX administration and support
Denphone Remote PBX Administration and Support

Overall we have found that the majority of systems we install go through a transition period of 1 to 2 weeks where any initial problems surface. Once these problems are rectified, we have little contact with our clients in terms of support – what contact we have tends to be limited to orders of extra phones.

Client Request / On-site Support

Client Request driven support includes support cases driven by client request. In order to best serve end users of telephony and IT systems supplied by Denphone in a way that is both cost effective and responsive, Denphone has implemented a 3-level support model.

The first level of support is email and telephone based. Inquiries handled at this level include things like questions about system usage. Information about MAC (Movements, Additions and Change requests is given at the following page: PBX and MAC Administration for Offices in Japan.

Issues that cannot be resolved by simple email or telephone communication are then escalated by Denphone to Level 2 support. Level 2 issues may require the scheduling of on-site visits or changes to systems that could cause interference to normal business operations and as such decisions are made at this level after consultation with relevant client IT and managerial staff.

Denphone on-site and remote support
Denphone on-site and remote support

In the case of solutions implemented in co-operation with second or third party vendors, the point of contact is normally Denphone. This single point of contact minimizes the risk of miscommunication as well as removing the need for the client to communicate the same problem repeatedly.

Denphone maintains solid business relationships with a wide range of key IP telephony and IT vendors, both domestically in Japan and internationally. These relationships and the agreements we have entered into with these vendors allow Denphone access to specialized Level 3 support. Vendors whose products we support include Digium, Poly, Dell, Cisco, Yealink, Grandstream, Mitel and many more.



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