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Integrated Voice Response Computer Telephony Integration (IVR - CTI) Solutions

Posted: 2009-01-20 11:30 am by huw.williams.

Denphone provides custom telephony software and systems for businesses, such as voicemail, automated menus, and integration of telephone technology with the web and integration with computer databases.

Custom IVR / CTI solutions for specific client needs

Integrated Voice Response Computer Telephony Integration (IVR - CTI) SolutionsDenphone offers a variety of Integrated Voice Response Systems - ranging from simple "Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support" systems through to systems that can be updated in real time (for example, stock rates, ski conditions). These solutions mean our clients can answer frequently asked questions without the expense of using busy employees.

If you have Skype, click here to be connected to a Denphone IVR demo system: Denphone Skype IVR Test System (Windows / Mac, Skype version 4.0 recommended).

If you don't have Skype or it is banned in your organization you could call Tokyo 03-4550-1514 to test our Skype IVR demo (although this is bypassing the Skype gateway). To use the IVR system you will have to turn on the Skype keypad, which can be accessed while making a call by clicking on the small black arrow next to the volume control. This only appears while the call is in progress.

Professionally recorded IVR systems are available in English, Japanese and a range of other languages. Contact us for details. We can help you develop the system that best fits your needs, and we have hosted solutions available.

Other Computer Telephony Integration Solutions

As well as Integrated Voice Response systems, Denphone also offers other ways of integrating the phone system into your existing work-flow.

These solutions are tailor-made to match your business work-flow and enable companies to increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks. These solutions also reduce the risk associated with unoptimized communication systems.

Our existing products include:

Click and Dial

Click and Dial allows integration of a CRM database into the phone system. This means that instead of looking up numbers in the client database and then manually into the phone, calls can be dialled with a click of the mouse. For busy sales representatives and high volume callers, this can significantly increase the numbers of calls made.

Voice Blast

Voice Blast is an automated calling solution. This means that announcements, such as new product releases, cancellations, schedule changes and so on can be made automatically - the system works its' way down a list of numbers to call. Voice Blast can also be set to record whether a call is successful or not, or if the call connected to an answering machine. Voice Blast is a very useful tool when used as part of Business Contingency Planning (or BCP).

Voice Drop

Voice Drop is an extension of Voice Blast. It allows a sales person, for example, to work down a list of clients. If a client picks up, the sales person can begin her pitch. If however, the call is picked up by an answering phone, the sales person can leave a personalized greeting (for example, "Hi Joe. Great to meet you last weekend at the New Zealand embassy party.") and then play a recorded message ("We have a great new product I think you will be extremely interested in..."). It sounds to the client as if the sales person left the whole message, but actually, the sales person can then drop out of the call and move on to the next call.

Remote long distance access to reduce cellphone bills

If a company has a high volume of calls to one or more countries, we can negotiate with a vendor in that country to set up direct IP phone connections - this allows for significant call savings.


Teleconferencing can be phone to phone, computer softphone, mobile phone or specialized teleconferencing units such as those produced by Polycom. Teleconferencing can significantly reduce travel costs. Also with conferencing, calls can be listened in to - allowing you to monitor performance of your sales staff and provide quality feedback and mentoring. Call recording is also possible.

CRM integrated voice systems - Call Logging and Accounting

Integration with a wide range of CRM systems is possible - allowing call logging for performance monitoring as well as accounting for call back charges on a per department basis.

Automated BCP systems (disaster management)

Denphone has a range of solutions for Automating BCP responses - for more information please see the BCP page: Automated BCP systems (disaster management).

These solutions enable you to automate your client/call/email management, and integrate these with the Internet as well as with your other systems and databases (Siebel, SQLServer, Oracle, Sybase, Postgresql, etc).

You can contact Denphone by phone at +81-3-4550-1405 (Tokyo), +81-6-4560-3200 (Osaka) or via our contact page to discuss your needs and find the best fit solution for your needs.



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