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Japan Call Termination (IAX2/SIP Connect)

Denphone IP Connectivity to Japan's telephone network (PSTN) via IAX or SIP

White route termination into Japan

We provide Japanese call termination to a wide range of global clients. Our services allow them to save money on their international and local Japanese calls, while offering high quality calls.

Denphone Corporate Grade Call Termination

Denphone offers outbound calling to Japan fixed or mobile destinations with a direct IP based ‘white’ route straight from our Tokyo, Yokohama or Osaka data centers. Caller id is sent as a phone number that can be called back to. So your customers can actually see who is calling them. This also means we can route these calls back to the originating PBX.

Other low cost wholesale routes are indirect and are terminated through China, Taiwan or Korea into Japan with low quality and low reliability. These low cost routes also send either a blank or nonsense caller id.

Your route with Denphone is directly terminated into the Japanese phone network and sent with a legitimate caller id. Your answer rate will be higher as a result, and more frequently you will be called back.

If you have been having problems with call quality to Japan Denphone is your answer.

Discount Rates Available from 30,000 minutes per month.

Denphone's Japan Call Termination Services

We have been supporting companies calling into Japan since 2004. Denphone provides IP connectivity and DID numbers to the Japan telephone network - including Tokyo (03), Yokohama (045), Nagoya (052), Osaka (06), Sapporo (011) and Fukuoka (092) numbers. This service is offered though our hosted IP phone Gateways located in each of these Cities. We can also provide Regionless IP (050) numbers. Each gateway is located in a state of the art, high security data center allowing for exceptional service up-time.

We also offer 0120 and 0800 toll free numbers, over IAX protocol, SIP protocol, or forwarded over the telephone network.

Supported Protocols

We support IAX and SIP protocols. IAX - the native Asterisk IP telephony protocol is our preferred protocol of choice. The reason we prefer IAX is that it only requires one port to be opened on a router or gateway and therefore removes a lot of the NAT traversal problems that occur when SIP is used. That said we do also support SIP where our clients request it. We support aLaw, uLaw, GSM, g729 and T.38 codecs.

As well as termination, we offer Asterisk and other PBX solutions to companies here on the ground in Tokyo. So if you are considering an inter-office VoIP solution to save on calling costs, feel free to contact us to find out how we can be of service. We can help move your local office in Japan over to a more cost effective Asterisk based Denphone PBX to allow connection via IAX (or SIP) with your offices anywhere in the world.

Denphone systems support connections to the services listed on this page: Denphone Call Support.

Denphone K.K. is Japan's leading provider of open PC based VOIP Telephone PBX systems and solutions.

For more information, please contact Denphone K.K. at 03-4550-1405.

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