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Medium Size Office Video Conferencing Solutions

Medium Size Office Video Conferencing SolutionsFor offices of between 10 to 250 people, travel costs associated with business trips can soon add up. In the current tight financial situation we face today, many companies are purchasing reliable, high quality video conferencing system as the initial outlay is soon won back through savings from travel budgets.

The main benefits of video conferencing systems are often cited as: increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction by reducing travel; decreasing travel costs; and increasing the speed of decision making to gain a competitive advantage. Sample uses for video conferencing systems include business meetings, a local presence for remote executive assistants and lobby attendants, remote interviewing and human resources benefits support, trading windows for investment banks, access to specialists from remote bank branches, arraignment and deposition for legal professionals, remote expert consultation for offshore drilling platforms, and face-to-face customer service and support.

For environmentally focused companies, video conferencing solutions offer the extra benefit of reducing green house gas emissions and allowing the company to reduce its' carbon footprint. (The total carbon emissions for a flight from Tokyo, Japan to Osaka, Japan is 141 lbs CO2. This is equivalent to 64 kg CO2e or 0.06 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. The calculation includes an assumption of a 65% load factor with 78 seats on the Dash-8 Q400 and 139 seats on the B737-400. source:,+Japan/to/Osaka,+Japan ).

Featured Solution: Polycom V700 Video Conferencing System

Featured Solution: Polycom V700 Video Conferencing SystemThe Polycom V700 delivers an integrated, high quality video conference solution ideal for executive offices, doctor's offices or education resource rooms. The V700 can also extend the conference room to the personal office environment.

The Polycom V700 is a stylish and compact video conferencing system that provides excellent audio quality. The V700 features StereoSurround for optimal motion handling and video resolution; and Pro-Motion providing smooth natural motion and sharp, clear images for optimal viewing.

As a fully integrated video conferencing system, the Polycom V700 is a perfect solution for a shared environment, delivering ease of use with powerful video and audio performance. The Polycom V700 also can double as a PC display when not on a video call - saving valuable desk space.

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TANDBERG Set-Top 550 MXPThe TANDBERG Set-Top 550 MXP is specifically designed for offices and small meeting rooms. This set-top video conferencing unit provides all of the essential video features for face-to-face meetings with the quality and reliability found in all Tandberg equipment. A highly portable set-top unit, the TANDBERG 550 offers clear sound, brilliant pictures and a choice of network configurations.

The TANDBERG Set-Top 550 MXP system is simple to set-up, simple to use and simple to take care of. The TANDBERG Set-Top 550 MXP’s intuitive user interface is common to all TANDBERG systems and makes it easy for even new users to make a call.

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Cisco Telepresence 1000

Cisco Telepresence 1000The Cisco TelePresence System 1000 is ideal for small group, or one-on-one meetings around a "virtual table." Two Cisco TelePresence System 1000 systems in a single meeting create a virtual table for up to 4 participants. A multipoint meeting can support up to 48 locations on a single call.

The Cisco TelePresence System 1000 is suitable for uses such as direct customer engagements, small presentations, regular one-on-one meetings with remote employees or partners, supply-chain dealings, press briefings, operational or engineering reviews, or negotiations and interviews.

Benefits of Cisco Telepresence 1000

Cisco Telepresence uses the SIP protocol for all call signaling allowing integration with Asterisk based PBX's such as the Denphone PBX.

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