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PBX and MAC Administration for Offices in Japan

PBX and MAC Administration for Offices in JapanDenphone offers offers remote administration, Moves, Adds & changes (MAC), for your Asterisk or Cisco system and system monitoring at substantial savings compared with standard vendor pricing.

Day to day maintenance of a PBX normally involves managing the end users of the system. MAC changes cover, as the acronym implies, moves within your office - for example if you periodically change your office's seating layout then the configuration of your PBX will need to be updated to reflect the new location of your end users. Adds include adding new employees to your system, as well as the addition of new end points, such as upgraded handsets, remote work sites or softphone solutions. Changes cover the replacement of damaged phones or the updating of phone records due to staff retirement. If changes need to be made to your phone system our MAC support will ensure that they are made quickly and efficiently.

Depending on the PBX system managing MAC changes can be a costly and time consuming task. By outsourcing MAC support to Denphone your company or organization will be able to save both time and money. Denphone has the most experience in Japan of managing Adds, Moves and Changes (as it is also known) for Asterisk systems, as well as certified, qualified engineers with a wealth of experience supporting VoIP and legacy analog and digital PBX systems.

We have both native English and Japanese speaking engineers, so communication with your head office and with staff and vendors on the ground here in Japan is smooth and without the problems associated with companies who only provide monolingual engineers.

We can offer a single point of contact for all your telephony and video conferencing needs, from ordering replacement or new phones, through to office relocation of your entire phone system in both Tokyo and the majority of locations in Japan. We can help advise you on the best solutions regarding air conditioning, cabling, power supply to help you avoid costly mistakes while relocating.

We aim to offer the highest level of quality service and support at the best price point in order to effectively meet the needs of our clients.

Whether you are looking for an ongong turn-key telephony infrastructure support partner to take care of your Move Adds and Changes (MAC) needs in Tokyo or a company to support a one-off move, Denphone is the right choice.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote. You can reach us here: Denphone Contact form or by telephone on 03-4550-1405.

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