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Introducing Denphone's Video SolutionsPerfect for offices ranging in size from 1 or more people, Denphone can provide inexpensive, cost saving office video conferencing services to connect your office in Tokyo or Japan to other cities in Japan, as well as to your offshore head office or branch office.

With a small office, or a solo office, a fully fledged video conferencing system can be too much for your needs. Denphone offers a range of solutions to help the small office user or remote office worker communicate over video. These solutions are especially useful in Japan - significantly reducing travel costs and saving valuable time while allowing effective communication.

Japan has highly reliable internet connections which make office to office video over IP solutions possible. For example, it is possible to connect an office in Tokyo to an office in Osaka using a bespoke Denphone solution. This is a secure option which reduces the risks (intellectual and security based) when compared to free download solutions. International connections are possible to many countries including North America, Europe, parts of Asia and Oceania - although we will have to check the available bandwidth to make sure the required level of video quality can be met.

As well as being used for business communication, Denphone's video over IP systems can be used for security surveillance, such as IP-based Closed Circuit Television allowing remote monitoring of warehousing and storage facilities and critical business areas such as IT infrastructure.

Solution One - Softphone

Denphone offers a range of softphone solutions for corporate internetworking environments.

Softphones are software based phones that run on a desktop or laptop. Used with a USB or audio headset, softphones are an ideal solution for business people on the go. Soft video phones require a video camera either built into a laptop or as a USB plugin. PC based video soft phones can interact with a wide range of video conferencing equipment, including top of the line enterprise solutions from vendors such as Polycom and Cisco.

Our softphone offerings include open source soft phones, such as Ekiga and X-lite, through to more well known proprietary solutions from Cisco and Polycom.

Featured Softphone - The Cisco IP Softphone.

For companies who have decided to standardize their networks globally and implement a Cisco network, the Cisco IP SoftPhone is an ideal choice. Denphone's bilingual, certified Cisco engineers can install, configure and support Cisco's softphone solution for your local Japan staff allowing you to maintain consistency throughout your network.

Featured Softphone - The Cisco IP SoftphoneCisco Certified Reseller

The Cisco IP SoftPhone is a communications application for your PC desktop. As an integral part of Cisco Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data (AVVID), you can use it in any application where an IP phone can be used and is fully integrated with the Cisco line of IP telephones.

The Cisco IP SoftPhone can take advantage of the usability of a PC and controls your hardware IP phone or functions as a standalone software IP phone. Its intuitive user interface and context-sensitive controls replace the overwhelming, nonintuitive buttons and archaic keystroke combinations of legacy phones. Since the Cisco IP SoftPhone integrates with Microsoft NetMeeting, advanced multimedia collaboration tools are right at your fingertips with a single click.

The Cisco IP SoftPhone takes full advantage of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) services that are part of Cisco AVVID. Calling a user is now as simple as looking up names in a directory and dragging and dropping that information into the Cisco IP SoftPhone. And with your personal directory/phone book, you can always find your contact list and connection information, even if you are not connected to a main directory server.

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