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Cisco Broadsoft Japan announces shutdown of PBXL service February 2020

If you or your company will be affected by the announced shut down of PBXL, please contact Denphone K.K. on 03-4550-1405 or to discuss an alternative service that we provide. We are offering competitive migration plans from PBXL to our Denphone Cloud phone service. In most cases, there will be no on-boarding costs to our service for these migrations. ... more

Yealink Japan release locally certified J-DECT cordless phone solution (2019)

Yealink has announced the release of a Japan certified J-DECT cordless phone solution. Yealink is also working to gain Japan certification for their multi-node J-DECT solution. This will allow Yealink handset J-DECT users to roam between areas covered by multiple configured J-DECT nodes.

Japan telecom regulator announces new rules for domestic local numbers Apr 2019

The Japanese telecom regulator (soumusho) has announced a set of much stricter rules for the issuance and support of Japan 0ABJ numbers (e.g. Tokyo 03 or Osaka 06). These rules are in effect since April 2019. Two major changes that the new rules require are: The Client using the numbers must be located in the relevant area (e.g. in Tokyo ... more

Denphone K.K. adds Fukuoka (092) number support to Cloud and SIP service Feb 2019

Denphone has installed a new PoP in Fukuoka, Kyushu. We can now provide local Fukuoka numbers through both our SIP trunking service, and our Cloud PBX service. Please note that we are only able to provide these numbers to Clients based in the Fukuoka area.

After the Quake - Asterisk in Christchurch, New Zealand

A year on from the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand, we take a look at Treshna Enterprises - a Christchurch, New Zealand based Open Source company providing Asterisk solutions to a wide range of companies. Christchurch was hit by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake in February 2011 that left 185 dead. A year on, the rebuilding process continues with a ... more



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