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Posted: 2009-01-15 1:53 pm by Denphone Admin.

Voice over IP (VoIP ) Telephony SolutionsDenphone has been successfully operating within the Japanese market place in the field of business communication systems including business telephone systems and IP phone systems since 2005. We supply, install and maintain many types of communications solutions, IP phone systems and other business telephone systems, which will reduce your costs, improve your customer service and help you achieve faster and more effective business communications.

Whether you are looking for Business Telephone Systems, VoIP, IP Phone Systems, Least Cost Routing, Billing Consultancy Services, Networked Sites, Call Recording and Logging, Voice Mail, CTI, Voiceblast and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Call Management Information, Video Conferencing, IP Video Conferencing or CRM Solutions or any kind of business telephone system, Denphone is your One-Stop-Shop for all your business communication needs.

Featured Solution: The Denphone PBX

As Japan's leading provider of open PC based VoIP Telephone PBX systems we have a broad range of experience helping companies move from out-dated analog and closed source systems to the cutting edge, highly flexible and reliable systems of tomorrow. The majority of our PBX and telephony solutions are based on the Asterisk open source telephony architecture, and provide advanced features such as voicemail and conferencing as standard.

Open standards (e.g. SIP and IAX) are fully supported so your investment is protected. Our business solutions function with a wide choice of business telephone equipment, including major names such as Cisco, Polycom and snom, providing long term future upgrade paths at minimal cost.

Sign up for the Denphone Cloud PBX Today

Denphone provides a Cloud PBX service (SaaS). All of your IP-Phones are registered and controlled by our software PBX systems in our dedicated data centres around Japan. This allows us to perform MAC (Move, Add, Change) operations quickly and inexpensively. Our highly stable and flexible Cloud PBX service offers from SOHO level to large enterprise level phone systems from a centrally hosted IP-PBX server. Our largest single platform deployment is over 1500 phones, so scalability is not a problem. Our Cloud PBX solutions are also ideal for remote office integration.

Your office will be directly connected to our data-center via VPN (Virtual Private Network) over the NTT “Flet's Hikari Next ipv6” service. Voice Traffic does not traverse the public Internet. Traffic between your office and our data center is encrypted by the VPN for extra safety. Our Cloud PBX service can provide support for multiple phone numbers in 03-Tokyo or, 06-Osaka style. The Japanese telecom regulator introduced new regulations regarding so-called 0ABJ numbers (local geographical style phone numbers), and we can provide these numbers to Clients through our service in many major Japanese cities while complying with the new regulations.

Rent a full featured Denphone Managed PBX

Through our partnership with Colt (Japan's leading SIP, PRI and Enterprise level voice and data connections provider) you can rent a full featured Denphone managed PBX with telephones and voicemail for a low monthly cost with only a 6 month commitment. This even includes basic telephone service at no extra charge.

Our PBX solutions come with the reliability and all the features you expect in a business PBX including voicemail, call forwarding and Polycom professional name brand telephones.

Other package sizes with customized features are also available to fit your business size and needs.

Upgrade to a full featured business PBX now, while saving money! Call or email Denphone now to find out more.

If you prefer a hosted solution rather than an onsite solution, we can offer that too, and like all our other Denphone rental products, there is no long term multi-year lock-in contract tying you down.

...Or buy that same PBX and save more than you expect

If you prefer to buy rather than rent, Denphone can provide you with the same high quality business PBXs as above, with a wide variety of telephone options including Cisco, Polycom and Snom. It costs much less than you think and the price performance and feature set of Denphone systems are unmatched in the market.

Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 PhoneFeatures include

Also Save Money With Denphone Discount Calling

With either option above, you will also be able to use Denphone's discount local and long distance calling service to cut all of your telephone calling bills.

Denphone's calling network uses Japan's Fiber VoIP infrastructure to ensure superior call quality, and only real international dedicated commercial phone circuits for overseas calls to also ensure quality even when you call outside Japan, all at very very low calling rates.

Denphone is an official reseller of Digium, Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, snom and many other popular telephone products.

Denphone also sells a wide variety of telephone terminal equipment, PBX's over the web and many other items to fill all your telephony needs.

Contact Denphone to find out more how you can start saving money today.



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