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Posted: 2009-01-15 1:38 pm by Denphone Admin.

Introducing Denphone's Video SolutionsVideo conferencing is one of the easiest ways a company with offices in multiple locations can cut costs. Improvements in the quality of communication also lead to productivity but the main reason that companies choose to implement video conference systems is to reduce travel related costs as well as employee travel time.

With communication being a critical part of a senior managers role in any organization - up to 70% of workload - being able to keep in touch and communicate effectively is a critical job function.

Flying around the world for business meetings is a costly and time consuming way to achieve such communication. Using a Denphone Video Conferencing solution is the environmentally responsible and cost effective way to solve this problem.

Offering and supporting a wide range of video conference equipment, including both video conferencing hardware and software solutions from globally recognized vendors such as Polycom and Cisco, Our solutions enable you to carry on high quality live video conferences over the Internet or ISDN telephone lines, in the same city, or around the world - saving your organization both time and money.

Choosing the video teleconference system that is best for you can be confusing and time consuming. To make it easier we have divided our video conference equipment offerings into 3 sections:

Small Office / Remote Office Video over IP Teleconference Solutions

Click here for more about: Video conferencing solutions for offices sized from 1 to 20 people. Includes remote office and mobile solutions.

Medium Size Office Video Conference Solutions

Click here for more about: Video conferencing solutions for offices with upwards of 20 staff.

Enterprise Video Conferencing Suites

Executive video conferencing suites and board room solutions.(Coming Soon)

Video Conferencing with the Denphone Asterisk PBX

The Denphone Asterisk PBX supports video telephony with the Grandstream GXV3000 videophone and PC Webcam based video softphones such as X-lite. Denphone supports the H263 and H264 video telephony protocols with bandwidth requirements as low as 48K per channel. The picture quality will depend on the bandwidth available, but can be broadcast quality where sufficient bandwidth is provided.

Making a video call using this system is as easy as making a regular voice call. You dial the extension and the phone rings. If both ends can support either H263 or H264 then in addition to voice, two way video is then available at the push of a button. The video can be blocked or muted of course. If you dial a phone that does not support video then it defaults to a regular voice call.

Authorized Polycom Videoconferencing Reseller

Denphone is an authorized reseller for Polycom and carries the entire line of Polycom Video Conferencing Equipment, the world standard in video conferencing solutions.

Polycom Authorized ResellerPolycom Authorized ResellerPolycom Authorized Reseller

Authorized Grandstream Reseller

Denphone K.K. is an authorized reseller for Grandstream and carries the entire line of Grandstream IP phones including the new GXV3000 video phone, an outstanding value point in video telephony.

Grandstream Authorized ResellerGrandstream Authorized Reseller

Wide range of cost effective solutions

We provide low cost simple office solutions as well as fully featured video conference room installations.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your company find the most appropriate video conferencing and IP video solution.



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