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Round the Clock Voiceblast Messaging System

Voice Blast and Email Blast Service

If you are looking for a way to send voice messages to your staff or clients, for example in an emergency, then Denphone's Voiceblast system is the solution for you.

Denphone operates a 24 hour global voiceblast system that you can use to deliver automated telephone voice messages to your clients either interactively via interactive voicedrop / conferencing, or automatically, reliably around Asia and the world at very competitive pricing.

The system has a full web interface and can be integrated to your internal client databases and corporate systems for a complete streamlined client management solution. The system is multilingual and is also integrated to our Email Blast and Web based systems, enabling you to efficiently handle all of your client services needs in real time.

Custom Voice distribution solutions

Denphone provides voice solutions via the Denphone Genie line of voice and email blast systems. Genie 3000 is web based, Internet connected, automated and can deliver voice blast messaging over conventional phone lines as well as VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephone circuits.

Genie is also capable of doing interactive blasting / conferencing, automated attendant voice menus, automated call distribution, messaging / voicemail and many other advanced telephony services in both Japanese and English. Genie 3000 is also able to manage database driven automated email distribution to your clients, all from the control of an easy to use web interface.

Genie 3000 is available for purchase, or as a fully outsourced service.




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