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Business Grade Headsets

The quality of the hardware used for business communications can often be the difference between a highly productive meeting, or a complete disaster. Yet many users are still relying on very low quality equipment, such as the speakers and microphones built into their laptops, or very cheap earphones. Since so many business interactions are now conducted on videoconferencing platforms, it is worth investing in headsets which are high quality and appropriate for business use. Business grade headsets:-

  • Always have a microphone in addition to earphones to enable 2 way communication.
  • Generally use high quality hardware components capable of delivering high quality sound.
  • Often include earphone technologies to help you hear the call better (eg Active Noise Cancelling).
  • Often include microphone technologies to make your voice sound clearer when you are speaking (eg Poly Acoustic Fence).
  • Sometimes automatically mutes when taken off, or tells you that you are on mute if you try to speak while on mute.
  • Sometimes tells you about your battery level, or what equipment (PC, mobile phone) you are connected to.
  • Sometimes warns you or an IT administrator when you are using it too intensively and are at danger of damaging your ears.
This is a photo of a lady wearing a Poly Voyager Focus 2 headset.


There is a vast selection of shapes and specs to choose from, and it is often difficult to select the one which is most suited to the role and working style of each individual user. Denphone's certified experts can advise you on and supply you with the latest high grade headsets from top manufacturers such as Poly (formally Plantronics) and Jabra.


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