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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions

Today, most companies around the globe are dependent on their IT systems in order to function as a business. Any disruption to key systems such as voice, internet and email can bring an entire company to a halt, and the loss of critical data can and most often does lead to bankruptcy. The need for a well designed BCP and DR procedures is obvious.

But what are the most important threats to protect against? What are the most effective ways to handle them? How can you do so within a limited budget? The answers to these questions can vary significantly depending on your geography, business sector, size.

Denphone has extensive experience in Japan across a wide range of sectors, serving companies large and small. We are particularly strong in the financial sector, and are capable of designing and building DR systems which comply with their stringent standards. Moreover, our flexible business model allows us to customize our solutions to handle customer-specific requests, as well as add new capabilities as and when the necessities emerge.


Denphone Emergency Roll Call System

Immediately after a large scale natural disaster in Japan, such as a major earthquake, tsunami, typhoon or fire, your number one priority is likely to be confirming the safety and availability of your company staff.

Denphone offers an automated system which, at the press of a button, can simultaneously call out to all of your staff's smartphones. A pre-recorded message asks your staff to "press 1" to confirm their safety, and if they do, updates a list of survivors. If a staff fails to pick up on the first call, our system can try again after a customer defined time interval.

The default communication method is voice over IP (VoIP) via the public internet, and the system can reach all of your staff as long as they have internet connectivity on their smartphone. But it can also fail over to an ordinary phone number in case the call recipient loses internet connectivity on their smartphone.

Our standard service also comes with a basic texting service you can use to supplement your staff communications.

Finally, we can customize the message, menu options, calling patterns as well as the texting function to suit any company-specific requirements you may have for your disaster recovery plan.


This is a photo of an earthquake.

Denphone Conference Blast

Once you confirm the safety of your staff, you will want to quickly hold meetings for damage assessment and initiate your DR procedures. For this, a robust and redundant communications platform is essential. Most companies have either Teams or Zoom as their main videoconferencing tool. But are these platforms suitable for disaster recovery purposes?

Many companies are now so reliant on Teams and Zoom that any outage to these services could be considered a disaster in its own right. These platforms are also completely dependent on the public internet, so a wide scale internet outage would make them inaccessible. And even if both the platforms and the internet are up, there are other dependencies, such as your email account, for you to schedule and access the calls.

Denphone's Conference Blast service operates over both the public internet and the public switched telephone network (PSTN). It can be configured to fail over from the former to the latter in case the internet is unavailable. It is constructed and operated independently from your inhouse IT systems and main communication platforms, so it serves as an excellent backup communications channel if and when those fail.

Predefined groups of staff members can be instantly and proactively called by the BCP coordinator at the press of a button. It also comes with a chat function to allow text communication between all of your staff.

In a disaster situation, you and your staff may not have time or ability to read through your emails, schedule a videoconference, and then all call in at the agreed time. With our service, you simply make an unscheduled simultaneous call out to all the staff you want, and your staff pick up if they are able to participate immediately.

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